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"Working with Jane offered me the tremendous grounding and important perspectives I needed at a critical time in my life. I always felt her presence and motivation for being there for me was her genuine investment in supporting my growth and healing. What makes Jane special is that she not only listens with her eyes and ears, she also listens with her heart. I love that about Jane, and it's what keeps her high on my list of a strong support system in my life." TR past client

"It has been my honor to work with Jane for many years. She is a brilliant therapist, intuitive and well versed in many different modalities of healing. She has a huge heart and a generosity of spirit that enhances everything she does therapeutically.  She is authentic. I have been in private practice for 29 years and she teaches me.  I would consider anyone who has the opportunity to work with her....BLESSED" Victoria Heemstra LMHC co-therapist

"Jane Thornton is a compassionate and dedicated ally to have in any situation. She is a patient listener that understands how depth psychology relates to the whole self. Jane is an experienced professional who always makes you feel like you have a great friend! " JK client

"I have worked with many therapists on my journey toward health. In working with Jane I never felt judged or rushed. Jane's presence in this way was very healing for me...without much effort or work involved. She is simply open, allowing, patient, and very kind. I experienced these things as who she is rather than something she tried to offer. There is a big difference." CW past client

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